Health & Safety

Health & Safety (H&S) is the Company’s top priority. It requires the commitment of all our employees both at the workplace as well as when off-duty.

PROCHEMAS Group striving for Health & Safety to be part of our existing values. In order to be the world’s safest Company, we constantly work to insure a systematic application of its fatality prevention standards across the Group, to adopt a proactive approach to preventive work, focusing on advance indicators of safety issues.

We truly believe that:

  • All injuries and work related illnesses can and must be prevented.
  • Management is accountable for the Health & Safety performance.
  • Training of all employees is essential in Health & Safety excellence.
  • It is everyone’s task in preventing injuries and illness.
  • Excellence in Health & Safety helps to achieve excellent business results.
  • H&S must be integrated into all business management processes.

In order to achieve that we will:

  • Identify, evaluate and eliminate H&S risks.
  • Determine effective actions for preventing all injuries and work related illnesses.
  • Provide everyone with effective training so that we are all able to work safety.
  • Investigate all incidents in order to prevent a recurrence.
  • Comply fully with all legal requirements and meet or exceed these expectations wherever we operate in the world.
  • Carry our regular safety drills and emergency procedures.

The success of Health & Safety policy requires the involvement and commitment of everyone working for and with us all the time.

It works if you work it.