PROCHEMAS Group holds extensive experience in providing with industrial cleaning services at the highest standards since 1997. Our services cover both onshore and offshore cleaning.

We offer a wide range of industrial cleaning services from window cleaning to oil spills. Our customers hand pick the services relevant to their needs and we create a cleaning contract accordingly. This ensures that all of our customers receive the highly personalized, individual cleaning service that PROCHEMAS Group pride ourselves on.

We offer free quotations so please call us to find out more about how we can meet your industrial cleaning requirements.

Some of our cleaning services:

  • Industrial and commercial cleaning;
  • Marine onshore and offshore cleaning;
  • Floor cleaning and maintenance (De-greasing, Machine cleaning and scrubbing, Stripping, Sanding, Polishing, Buffing);
  • New builds cleaning;
  • Any kind of ballast, fuel and oil tanks’ cleaning;
  • Garbage and fuel/oil residues’ collection and disposal;
  • Routine and periodic cleaning (Office Cleaning, Window and Glass Cleaning, Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, Floor Cleaning and Maintenance, Telephone and Office Equipment, High Level Cleaning);
  • Steam cleaning;
  • Fire / flood damage cleaning;
  • Machinery and plant cleaning;
  • Oil spill cleaning.

PROCHEMAS Group perform cleaning of Ventilation Lines onboard the vessels around the globe.

We perform:

  • Clean/disinfect accommodation HVAC-systems.
  • AC-units, Extract Fans and galley systems.
  • The inside of the air-conditioning ducting of the vessel.
  • The ducts can be cleaned and decontaminated by a
  • duct cleaning machine with rotating brush.
  • Vacuum cleaners to be used to remove all debris and contamination from inside the ducts.
  • After cleaning the ducts will be inspected by camera system and shown to owner’s
  • representative. A report with still photographs and video can be made after the works.
  • Including removal and refitting of outlet blowers and ceiling panels to access the ventilation
  • ducts.
  • During works, flooring and wall will be protected by tarpaulin. Cabins and alleyways will be
  • cleaned after works.
  • Full report issued on completion/acceptance.

Tech. specification of cleaning equipment:

  1. Brush – upto 760 rpm.
  2. Vent. Line diameter – 200-700-1200 mm.
  3. Distance – up to 40 meters through each inspection hole. Can make additional if not available (no high pressure lines).
  4. Video works (before, during after works). For report we provide:
  5. Video quality: 720×480 VGA, 30 kps, ~ 500 Mb for 1 hour of video. Max 60 deg video angle.
  6. Video limit: from -30 to +50 deg C

We can provide almost any cleaning service so please contact us to find out how we can meet your specific requirements.

Cleaning services

  • industrial cleaning
  • office cleaning
  • marine cleaning
  • offshore cleaning
  • office / vessel MAINTENANCE
  • daily cleaning
  • garbage disposal
  • tank cleaning
  • cooling system cleaning
  • sludge disposal
  • engine room cleaning
  • painting
  • sand blasting
  • high PRESSURE water jet cleaning
  • steam cleaning
  • quality control
  • report system
  • COSTS reduce program