Industrial Insulation


PROCHEMAS Group holds extensive experience in applying thermal and acoustic insulation to the highest standards since 1997. Our services cover both high and low temperature critical insulation, and cover the entire insulation process from fabrication to installation.

We offer a complete range of insulation services, such as thermal, acoustic and fire insulation, using all commercially available materials.

We supply and install all types of marine insulation, including bulkheads, escape routes, generator exhausts, main engine exhausts, pipes, turbo, bellows etc. We perform tin-plate cladding works.

Our certified appraisers are trained in construction drawings and insulation specifications and understand the principles and fundamentals of insulation and insulation systems. Calling upon years of experience, they are able to recognize potential basic safety concerns during facility visits and insulation system inspections.

Some of our insulation services:

  • Maritime insulation;
  • Internal maritime walls and ceiling panels;
  • Installation of floor, walls and ceiling coverings;
  • HVAC;
  • Thermal, acoustic and fire insulation;
  • Tin-plate cladding works;
  • Floating floor works;
  • Trace heating of pipes, electrical installation;
  • Delivery and Installation of A-60 and B-15 doors;
  • Boiler insulation and heating system insulation;
  • Armaflex and Armacell standard and high performance insulation;
  • Clean room insulation and food preparation insulation (stainless steel cladding);
  • Foam glass (cellular glass) insulation for special applications and wide temperature ranges;
  • Plant room insulation and ductwork insulation – for schools, colleges, hospitals etc.;
  • Thermal surveys of ‘hot spots’ for all types of sites – reducing your carbon emissions;
  • Full site insulation maintenance contracts – large discounts for multiple contracts.

PROCHEMAS Group perform turn-key solutions on trace heating of ships’ pipe systems. For such works we use RAYCHEM materials. Works include: delivery of the design/project, installation and service. Our personnel is trained by RAYCHEM representatives. PROCHEMAS Group delivered all paper documentation upon completion of a project.

General description:

  • design and erection
  • scaffolding
  • inspection
  • netting
  • paneling
  • insulating
  • general fabrication (in accordance with SOLAS/IMO)
  • painting
  • cladding
  • traveling maintenance crew
  • quality control
  • report system
  • welding
  • piping
  • ventilation
  • air conditioning
  • cleaning works
  • life cycle MAINTENANCE
  • COSTS reduce program