Ship repair


PROCHEMAS Group holds extensive experience in providing Ship-owners with different kind of vessel onboard maintenance works at the highest standards since 1997.

We offer a complete range of any kind of insulation works, painting works, black steel works, furniture repair works, piping works, tin cladding works, plumber works, carpenter works.

We could place a traveling maintenance crew onboard the vessel for continuous maintenance works, while the vessel is working without interrupted commercial navigation. A minimum crew, with all technical equipment will fix all non-conformities raised by Port State Control and will help Owners to avoid additional expenses.

Some of our main services:

  • Maritime insulation;
  • Refit & Refurbishment;
  • Internal maritime walls and ceiling panels;
  • Installation of floor, walls and ceiling coverings;
  • HVAC;
  • Thermal, acoustic and fire insulation;
  • Tin-plate cladding works;
  • Floating floor works;
  • Delivery and Installation of A-60 and B-15 doors;
  • Boiler insulation and heating system insulation;
  • Armaflex and Armacell standard and high performance insulation;
  • Clean room insulation and food preparation insulation (stainless steel cladding);
  • Scaffolding, netting and rope access works;
  • Repairs and production of marine furniture;
  • Repairs to damaged or inferior insulation;
  • Repairs on hydraulic systems;
  • Diesel engine repairs;
  • Reefer type vessel repair works on cargo hold and systems;
  • Painting works;
  • Black steel repair works;
  • Industrial cleaning of any kind (engine room, any tanks, superstructure, deck, holds);
  • Asbestos removal;
  • Winterization works (insulation of pipe systems, heating elements, bulkheads);
  • Repairs on vessel pipe systems, replacement, production;
  • Plumber works;
  • Carpenter works;
  • Repairs on hatch covers.

Our main task is to make both, Master and Port State Control inspector happy.

We CARRY OUT repairs on:

  • general cargo holds
  • reefer type cargo holds
  • engine room
  • hatch covers
  • vessel’s hull
  • galley
  • cabins
  • masts and derricks
  • store room (dry, cold)
  • sanitary sector
  • open deck